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Admintasia Support: Forum Spam is Unrelentless

Posted in Blog, Site News by thomaqui on November 13th, 2012

I have had a few different forums for support and have had to shut down one and then start another because I get so much spam.

I am currently using BuddyPress integrated with Admintasia’s WordPress install and I have a few spam prevention plugins designed to require Captcha for every post and to filter spam posts.

These are definitely not bots now because they are getting through those 2 things.

Does anybody have recommendations for a way to deliver support and prevent spam?

JQuery Issue Solved – Small Update

Posted in Admintasia Releases, Blog by thomaqui on October 1st, 2012

We are releasing a small update to Admintasia 2.3 because of an error one of our users pointed out to us>

There was a text where we didn’t expect it if I we added a call to a javascript.
For example: I want to use the flexigrid, but the way you had it I think was missing an additional script needed to make the data fill in the table.
From the flexigrid site I downloaded the example files and this file seems needed:
<script type=”text/javascript” src=”js/jquery-1.2.3.pack.js”></script>
Don’t know what it does but when it is not present, no data populates the table.
However, when this file is included, it does show the data but some how this file and another one I had make text from top_buttons.php appear.
I have attached a screen grab where you can see how this happens.
I have tried for a day to remove files here and there but it will not work. Maybe the clash is with the js/jquery-1.7.2.js file?? I dont know.
When I tried the flexigrid on a page without your header and the js/jquery-1.2.3.pack.js file, it works fine.

I will be releasing this update with some instructions on how to simply update the files that were changed rather than the entire thing so it doesn’t interfere with your custom code.


New Release Admintasia 2.3

Posted in Admintasia Releases, Blog, Site News by thomaqui on May 28th, 2012

I am very excited to write this post because I am uploading the latest version of Admintasia, version 2.3.  I have updated all of the JQuery libraries and the JQuery code to the latest version.  I have also added 3 great new color schemes: Salmon, Turquoise and BlueSky.  There were some pesky little things that our users pointed out and we fixed them.  Here are some of the things we fixed:

1.  The side bar now will pop out without a refresh in the background.

2. As I mentioned before, I updated all the JQuery to the latest versions

3.  Fixed a bug that was happening in the latest version of Safari:

Theme Options > Page with left sidebar >Change Layout Width (this didn’t work)

4. Added 3 new color styles with some great new colors to spice up the admin theme.

5. I made our modal window a real, modal window so that the menu and other items are no longer functional when in modal mode. I fixed the issue by adding z-index:9999 value into the custom.js modal window part.

6. I found a white <div> that resided below the main layout on the Admintasia datepicker page.

7. Fixed the grey lightness theme so that after hiding sidebar, the page width is no longer extended below 100%.

Please check out the Admintasia demo and give us your feedback in the comments below.



Admintasia 2.3 to Have Great New Color Schemes

Posted in Admintasia Releases, Blog, Site News by thomaqui on March 13th, 2012

In a few weeks, we will be updating Admintasia 2.2 to the 2.3 version. That will include our usual Jquery libraries updates and this time we will be adding some new features. Here is the deal though. I need to know what our Admintasia community would like to see in the new theme. What would make your admin UI lives easier. Please leave a comment to this post or fill out the form to receive our updated versions and put in your comments and suggestions.

For those that have been using Admintasia for a little while now, I would like to know if you have any suggestions for additional features. I will be updating Admintasia very soon and I am taking requests for feature additions and changes.

In the updated theme, we will be including some new color schemes.  I haven’t decided on exactly what those will be and I am certainly open to suggestions so please use our form or the comments and let me know.

Admintasia Updates

Also, I would like to start to showcase websites that are using Admintasia for their backend. Would you like to be included in that showcase and receive a link back to your site? If so, I would need a screen shot of your admin panel using Admintasia or a temporary login/pwd to your backend where you are using our theme.

And finally, do make sure you opt in on our site to receive updates and news about the theme. We just fixed our form.

Admintasia Updates

Admintasia 2.2 is Here

Posted in Admintasia Releases by thomaqui on September 1st, 2011

Finally!   We have updated to JQuery 1.6.2 and have fixed the following issues and added an additional feature.

We fixed the following errors that were reported by an Admintasia user regarding Internet Explorer:

1. Login page – change theme drop down acts funny in all versions of IE (7,8,9)
2. Close sidebar – IE crashes in IE7
3. Edit in place – strange behaviour when change “Edit me” (layout break) in IE7
4. Charts – doesn’t work on IE7 (javascript error on page load: Object doesn’t support this property or method)

A Few More Bugs that We Fixed:
1) Drag and Drop under Layout Options ->  Three Column Layout breaks if a column becomes empty (likely fixed with a non-breaking space)
2) JavaScript DropDown Menu does not work in demo
3) Typo:http://demo.admintasia.com/accordion.php … Says ‘Opens on Mouseover’.  It should say, ‘Opens on Click’
4) jQuery tabs work fine as per the example, unless the tab<div>  is placed within a<form>. In that case, the tabs still work but the tab links that should appear horizontally in the header appear one above the other.

This is because the “form li” rule in ui.forms.css is taking over and changing the tab<li>s back to display:block.

We tried this solution sent to me by a client: in ui.tabs.css, add “clear: none;” to .ui-tabs .ui-tabs-nav li5

5) There was a bug in Chrome on pagination: if you check the tables.php page, the pagination box floats within the actual table, rather than below it. In Firefox this is fine.

Additional Features Added:
1) Close/Hide Button Option on Responses are quite common in alot of UI themes [one up the rest and include persistence functionality; if they click hide it does not reappear on page load.

All of our existing users will get version 2.2 sent to them.  I will set up a page that you can use to get your download.  Check back tomorrow and it should be available.

All new users will get the latest version when they purchase Admintasia.

We’re doing it again – $300 Savings

Posted in Blog, Promotions, Site News by thomaqui on June 23rd, 2011

We’re offering the extended license again at a $300 savings.  That means for a limited time only, the extended license will be $99.

What do you get with the Extended License?

  • Admintasia 2.1 updated with Jquery 1.4.2
  • A license of Admintasia 2.1 for an application for which you charge money
  • A front-end website theme: Enlightened or Front Row
  • Use of Admintasia on multiple domains or in multiple applications (Regular license admits only one use)
  • Lifetime, first-class Support
  • Lifetime Updates
These won’t be around much longer so go get yours now. Admintasia $300 Coupon.

Extended License Savings of $300

Posted in Blog, Promotions, Site News by thomaqui on February 25th, 2011

There is only 36 hours left to save $300 on the extended license and then they will go back up to $399. We are going to update the admin template to JQUERY 1.6.2 in a few weeks. We will also be fixing a few minor bugs that we have found since our last update. One such bug is the pesky little drop down that doesn’t work right now. There is also a little bug concerning hiding the sidebar that will be fixed in the next update.

As always, anyone that purchases Admintasia at any time will automatically be eligible to receive updates for life. All users will also have access to our support forum as well.

Adam (A-Bomb) OConnor

Admintasia Extended License – only $99

Posted in Promotions by thomaqui on October 27th, 2010

Only 36 hours left to save $300 on Admintasia Extended Licenses…

Hi, this is the new owner of Admintasia.com (since May, 2010) and I would like to call to your attention the fact that we are now offering Admintasia Extended licenses for only $99 for another .   An Extended license gives you the ability to use our beautiful admin skin in an application that you develop and sell to someone else or in a charge-for-use application such as a membership site.  I know this is nuts because any other time of the year, we get $399 for Admintasia Extended licenses.  However, we would like to help those that are having a bit of a struggle in this sluggish economy.  We are in business for ourselves just like you and we know the blessings and the sacrifices that accompany Internet Entrepreneurship.

We have recently upgraded the Jquery libraries, modules, and widgets to 1.4.3 and fixed a few minor bugs. Demo our ui template, check out Admintasia’s widgets, see our features.

For the next 36 hours only, you can get your Admintasia discount here.

Discount for Admintasia v1 Buyers

Posted in Blog, Promotions by thomaqui on October 18th, 2010

This is the new owner of Admintasia and www.admintasia.com. We are offering 30% off Admintasia v2.1 for Themeforest.net buyers that want to upgrade to v2.1.

If you have already purchased Admintasia v1 and want the additional widgets, styles, functionality, and sidebar, you will simply need to upgrade to Admintasia v2.1.

Use this link to claim your discount: Buy Admintasia v2.1

We have done some upgrading ourselves. We spent the month of July working on Admintasia, incorporating client’s requests for some changes, minor bug fixes and most importantly, we upgraded the Jquery to the latest version.

30% Off Admintasia – Only a Few Hours Left…

Posted in Promotions by thomaqui on September 1st, 2010

There are only a few hours left on our 30% off Admintasia special. This is Admintasia 2.1 with the latest version of JQuery and some minor but nonetheless buggy things that were bugging all of us, fixed!

We are also offering Admintasia 2.1 Extended licenses for $199 for the next few hours. To take advantage of this special offer before it goes away, click on Admintasia Pricing.

Admintasia is Now Bundled with F.R.E.E. Website Templates

Posted in Blog, Promotions by thomaqui on August 26th, 2010

Admintasia is Now Bundled with 2 F.R.E.E. Website Templates, Front Row Professional Business Website Template and Enlightened Product Sales Website Template!

See our Admintasia Pricing page for our special offer that we have extended from September 30th to October 31st.

$200 Off the Extended License and 30% Off the Regular

Posted in Blog, Site News by thomaqui on August 17th, 2010

For the remainder of August, we are offering Admintasia 2.1 at $200 Off the Extended License and 30% Off the Regular License.  We are preparing to add some skins to our arsenal and would like to help those that need a beautiful, extremely usable admin template to get it at steep discount.  You will need the Extended License if you plan to use Admintasia in a application that will be sold, rented, licensed or will be paid for in any way.  The regular license is perfect for those that would like to make their own private use or free public use back-end superior to most. You can read more about the difference between the two licenses and order one here: Admintasia Pricing.

Check out our Admintasia Live Demo. You can also see our features here and take a tour of our widgets, tables, layout and other design features here: Admintasia Features.

New Release: Admintasia 2.1

Posted in Site News by thomaqui on July 21st, 2010

We are excited to announce a new release of, Admintasia v2, our powerful admin template for content management systems and web applications.   We have been working on updating to the latest version of JQuery and JQuery UI and fixing all of the bugs that we and others have found over the past 9 months since the first release of Admintasia Version 2 in October 2009.

First, we updated the JQuery and JQuery UI to the latest versions.

And then we fixed the bugs. Here are some of the fixes we’ve made:

1. Fixed the File Browser Widget so that it would work properly

2. Fixed the FlexiGrid Widget’s pagination feature

3. Fixed the Sidebar Content Issue – so that the sidebar pushes the rest of the content down when the sidebar is longer than the content

4. Fixed the Table Pager position – it used to float over the tables in some browsers

5. We attempted to make it so Internet Explorer would display the rounded corners but after many frustrating hours of installing a fix, so many other things were breaking that we concluded that IE 8, simply does not support rounded corners for our template. The problem lies with their lack of support for CSS3.  Sorry, we really did try.

I will be contacting everyone that has purchased both Admintasia Regular and Extended Licenses and offering to send at absolutely no charge, Admintasia 2.1.  You can see a live demo as always at http://demo.admintasia.com.  All new licenses of course will be for this new version.

Huge Admintasia Affiliate Commission Increase

Posted in Affiliates by thomaqui on June 24th, 2010

Hi, this is the new owner of Admintasia and I am writing to tell you that I have decided to increase the affiliate commissions from 35% to 51%!  We have affiliate programs with e-junkie.com and Clickbank.com.

All you need to do is sign up to become an affiliate, and use that code to link to this site via a text or an Image banner. When a person clicks on the link from your site, and purchases Admintasia Template from admintasia.com, you earn a 51% commision on a Regular License and 10% commission on the Extended License.

Here’s a little secret that I would like to let you in on.  Shhhhh….  I don’t even know why I am telling you this but I am feeling quite generous tonight.  Even if you don’t plan on promoting Admintasia, but you are planning on buying it, sign up as an affiliate first, use your link to purchase it and save some money – 51% on a Regular License purchase!   We pay commissions once you’ve reached the $100 threshold. Now that I have spilled the beans, its time for me to sign off but before I do, I would like to encourage you to promote the best looking CMS, Admin design template on the web, Admintasia!

Save $100 on Admintasia Extended License

Posted in Blog, Promotions, Site News by thomaqui on June 3rd, 2010

We are extending this special offer for one more month

Get your extended license today before they go back to $399.  Here’s a little money-saving secret that I will share as well.  If you become an affiliate of ours by clicking here and then get your link from e-junkie.com or Clickbank and buy the license by clicking on it, you will save an additional 10% off of your purchase of the Admintasia extended license and another 51% off the Admintasia regular license!  We pay commissions once you’ve reached the $100 threshold.

Hello, this is the new owner of Admintasia, Adam OConnor. To celebrate my recent purchase of Admintasia, I would like to offer a $100 savings on the extended license. The extended license gives one the ability to use Admintasia in a web application, CMS, or any backend that is sold to another client.  We originally were going to offer this deal just for June but we had such an overwhelming response, we have decided to extend it through 7/31/2010.   If you plan on using the Admintasia theme in a web application that you either sell to a client or charge for usage, you need the Extended License.  If you simply use the Admintasia theme in your own application that you don’t sell or charge for usage, you need the Regular License.

This is not a license for resale of Admintasia but a way for those offering a web app for sale to their clients to impress them with the Admintasia theme by using it in their CMS or backend admin. To get your extended license and download now, click this link: Admintasia pricing.

Admintasia Upgrade Discount

Posted in Promotions, Site News by thomaqui on May 24th, 2010

This is the new owner of Admintasia.com and of the Admintasia CMS Admin templates versions 1 and 2.  I first wanted to welcome you to the site and say that I have a strong feeling that you’ll be as impressed with the Admintasia Backend Admin template as I was when I first found it. I also wanted to assure you that things will be changing for the better. All bug fixes and requests are being answered by our team within 24 hours and all legitimate bugs that are reported by our users will be fixed within 48 hours.

And now for my special offer…
You may have purchased version 1 on ThemeForest.net and may have realized that you actually need the functionality available in version 2 (see the Admintasia Version 2.0 Demo). 

I would like to offer you the opportunity to upgrade and just pay the difference.  In other words, if you purchased version 1 and would like to upgrade to the version that we sell on Admintasia.com (see Admintasia features), please contact me by filling out the Admintasia contact form.

Happy Coding,
Adam OConnor

Admintasia.com Discount for Twitter Followers

Posted in Blog, Promotions by thomaqui on November 11th, 2009

All our twitter followers get 20% off their Admintasia purchase. All you have to do is to follow Admintasia on Twitter and then contact us: http://bit.ly/dpcHgD

Say hello to Admintasia

Posted in Blog, Site News by thomaqui on October 25th, 2009

We am very happy to announce that today we’ve launched Admintasia. Admintasia is a plain HTML/CSS/Javascript template that was created to ease the work of web developers. We will try to spoil our clients with many new features of superior quality, special offers, discounts and incredible support. We have an affiliate program that pays 51% for each Regular License sale!

The support system

The support system was built to quickly offer clients solid solutions and assistance in integrating and developing with our themes. It includes a theme documentation section with complete guides on how to customize, integrate and configure each of our themes, tutorials on how to get around WordPress and our themes and a support forum for developers.

Available licenses

We are currently offering our visitors two different licenses. The Regular License and The Extended License. Check out our Pricing page to find out which license suits your needs.

Discounts, coupons and promotions

We want to spoil our customers with discounts, coupons and special deals from the very beginning. There are already a few available discount deals, you just have to know where to look ;)
Stay up to date with our latest blog posts, subscribe to our newsletter, follow us on twitter or become a regular member to find out more about what’s happening at Admintasia.com !

More to come

In the near future we are planning of adding a forum section to our support system and a membership based themes package. Also, in the very near future we’ll add an affiliates section.


Finally, we would like if you took the time to tell us what you think about our website and Admintasia.