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Posted in Admintasia Releases, Blog, Site News by thomaqui on May 28th, 2012

I am very excited to write this post because I am uploading the latest version of Admintasia, version 2.3.  I have updated all of the JQuery libraries and the JQuery code to the latest version.  I have also added 3 great new color schemes: Salmon, Turquoise and BlueSky.  There were some pesky little things that our users pointed out and we fixed them.  Here are some of the things we fixed:

1.  The side bar now will pop out without a refresh in the background.

2. As I mentioned before, I updated all the JQuery to the latest versions

3.  Fixed a bug that was happening in the latest version of Safari:

Theme Options > Page with left sidebar >Change Layout Width (this didn’t work)

4. Added 3 new color styles with some great new colors to spice up the admin theme.

5. I made our modal window a real, modal window so that the menu and other items are no longer functional when in modal mode. I fixed the issue by adding z-index:9999 value into the custom.js modal window part.

6. I found a white <div> that resided below the main layout on the Admintasia datepicker page.

7. Fixed the grey lightness theme so that after hiding sidebar, the page width is no longer extended below 100%.

Please check out the Admintasia demo and give us your feedback in the comments below.



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  1. Tarek May 31, 2012

    how do u solve #6 ?

  2. Tarek May 31, 2012

    also #3 ,

  3. Web Design Nepal July 13, 2012

    How do I get the updates license? Could you please send me updated version to my email

  4. admin July 18, 2012

    checking your account and emailing.

  5. Bought 2.2 August 2, 2012

    Could we please get the updated version. We thought we’d automatically be notified when new versions became available. Thanks.

  6. Alex August 30, 2012


    When width is 75 or 90%, i sugest a look & feel like this for background and “portlets”. Reliefs / carried shadow, gradations bring a smooth distinction between top menu, background and portlets.


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