Earn 51% for each Regular License Sale and 10% for Extended License Sales

Promote Admintasia on your own website or in an email newsletter or both and earn!
We have 2 affiliate programs; one with and another with We suggest you join both because your buyers could buy either through e-junkie or Clickbank, depending on the link they use to purchase from our site. You will be make the same 51% on a regular license sale for either. Both programs are very easy to sign up for.

Join our Affiliate Program

Our Affiliate Program

If you have to do is to join our Affiliate Program! Once you login into you E-junkie account, select the "Get Affiliate Code" option, and select our program from the drop down menu and click Get Affiliate Code. Paste the code into your website or simply take the URL out of the <a href= tag and send it via email to your subscribers, community or list.

All you need to do is sign up to become an affiliate, and use that code to link to this site via a text or an Image banner. When a person clicks on the link from your site, and purchases Admintasia Template from, you earn a 51% commision on a Regular License and 10% commission on the Extended License.

Our Affiliate Program

Sign up with Clickbank by clicking this link: Join Our Clickbank Affiliate Program!

In case you didn't know, is the Internet's largest retailer of digital products. They handle all the details, tracking and payments, and also send you the commission by check, twice a month. They charge a handling commission of 7.5% + $1.- for each sale, divided proportionally between the vendor and the affiliate.

When you have an account setup and you've put your affiliate banners and links up or sent them out in your e-newsletter, you can login at to check your earnings. When checking your earning look for the publisher 'Bigbucks11'. Every commission that shows this name as publisher, has originated from Admintasia, referred through your link.

Once you receive your Clickbank ID (Nickname), explore the links above, where it says 'Affiliate Center', for everything you need to promote our ebooks.

You have the option to send visitors to our bookstore, where we have and all of our 3 Internet Marketing and Success ebooks listed, or you can send them directly to any one of the sale pages.

Here's how you do your affiliate (hop) links:
(replace 'AFFILIATE' with your ClickBank ID). In this case, all the visitors you refer will be directed to the main bookstore page, and not to secific sales pages.
(visitors will be directed to where a link to purchase Admintasia is found at the bottom).

When visitors at your website click on one of links that you advertise at your website, they will be directed to the sales page. In this way, you can advertise each ebook or separately. If a visitor comes from your website, and purchases an ebook in addition to or instead of Admintasia, you will still earn commission, because the system will recognize that you referred them.

How much will I earn ?

Once you sign up, you earn 51% or $25.50 USD for each sale for the Regular License and 10% or $29.90 USD for each sale for the Extended License!


You will get a $25.50 commision on every sale for the Regular License and $29.90 for every sale of the Extended License.


You will receive your affiliate payment when your affiliates account has $100. Payments will be sent out each month on the 15th for the previous month.

Promotional Banners

There are a variety of advertising banners that you can access - use them so that you can place on your site. We have tried to supply the most common ad sizes, but let us know if there is another size you would like to use and we'll see what we can do.