AlexPascal says

I usually don’t like admin themes, but this one is absolutely fantastic. I love it! It inspires me.

revive says

Great work on a nice, lightweight admin.. It’s a great example of what the jQuery UI can do for a site.. A couple of suggestions that would make the theme more usable; the error msgs on the login form are not formatted, the tables do not sort nor does the checkbox select all function and probably most importantly.. the forms should be style to compliment the rest of the design. Again, these are just suggestions that came up when we previewed this to consider for an app.. you really did a great job. It’s fast, clean and lightweight.. very important for data laden admin pages!

dhorrocks says

A great admin skin, one of the best I must say!

Regex says

This admin template is perfect! Ill probably buy this :D

Amazing job on this one, and definatly worth the money!

I love the fluid layout option and the many many possibilities for placing, just everything!

syndix says

Wow, you can tell a lot of work went into this. Very nicely done. It’s nice to see a nice new admin panel surface on the web!

thallisphp says

Great Jquery use Congratulations from Brazil

Hamhey says

It’s a perfectly made design, well done. You can tell it’s definitely using a lot of CSS3 , as in IE it doesn’t really have the shadows or rounded corners.

Well done, though! I’ll definitely add this to my ‘consideration pile’ :P

fakokay says

great admin template, very usefull.

mmilitia says

your works are perfect, I admire your designs…

Brandesme says

Great work! This is really one of the best admin themes I have ever seen. Thank you so much sharing it with us.