New Release: Admintasia 2.1

Posted in Site News by thomaqui on July 21st, 2010

We are excited to announce a new release of, Admintasia v2, our powerful admin template for content management systems and web applications.   We have been working on updating to the latest version of JQuery and JQuery UI and fixing all of the bugs that we and others have found over the past 9 months since the first release of Admintasia Version 2 in October 2009.

First, we updated the JQuery and JQuery UI to the latest versions.

And then we fixed the bugs. Here are some of the fixes we’ve made:

1. Fixed the File Browser Widget so that it would work properly

2. Fixed the FlexiGrid Widget’s pagination feature

3. Fixed the Sidebar Content Issue – so that the sidebar pushes the rest of the content down when the sidebar is longer than the content

4. Fixed the Table Pager position – it used to float over the tables in some browsers

5. We attempted to make it so Internet Explorer would display the rounded corners but after many frustrating hours of installing a fix, so many other things were breaking that we concluded that IE 8, simply does not support rounded corners for our template. The problem lies with their lack of support for CSS3.  Sorry, we really did try.

I will be contacting everyone that has purchased both Admintasia Regular and Extended Licenses and offering to send at absolutely no charge, Admintasia 2.1.  You can see a live demo as always at  All new licenses of course will be for this new version.

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  1. Humphrey Palmer December 17, 2010

    Close Sidebar crashes on IE

  2. admin February 26, 2011

    We’re working on a fix and it will be included in the next update in a few weeks.

    We fixed it in the new release, Admintasia 2.2. Our Admin Template rocks!

    Adam (A-Bomb) OConnor
    Owner of

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