Admintasia Extended License – only $99

Posted in Promotions by thomaqui on October 27th, 2010

Only 36 hours left to save $300 on Admintasia Extended Licenses…

Hi, this is the new owner of (since May, 2010) and I would like to call to your attention the fact that we are now offering Admintasia Extended licenses for only $99 for another .   An Extended license gives you the ability to use our beautiful admin skin in an application that you develop and sell to someone else or in a charge-for-use application such as a membership site.  I know this is nuts because any other time of the year, we get $399 for Admintasia Extended licenses.  However, we would like to help those that are having a bit of a struggle in this sluggish economy.  We are in business for ourselves just like you and we know the blessings and the sacrifices that accompany Internet Entrepreneurship.

We have recently upgraded the Jquery libraries, modules, and widgets to 1.4.3 and fixed a few minor bugs. Demo our ui template, check out Admintasia’s widgets, see our features.

For the next 36 hours only, you can get your Admintasia discount here.

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