Admintasia 2.3 to Have Great New Color Schemes

Posted in Admintasia Releases, Blog, Site News by thomaqui on March 13th, 2012

In a few weeks, we will be updating Admintasia 2.2 to the 2.3 version. That will include our usual Jquery libraries updates and this time we will be adding some new features. Here is the deal though. I need to know what our Admintasia community would like to see in the new theme. What would make your admin UI lives easier. Please leave a comment to this post or fill out the form to receive our updated versions and put in your comments and suggestions.

For those that have been using Admintasia for a little while now, I would like to know if you have any suggestions for additional features. I will be updating Admintasia very soon and I am taking requests for feature additions and changes.

In the updated theme, we will be including some new color schemes.  I haven’t decided on exactly what those will be and I am certainly open to suggestions so please use our form or the comments and let me know.

Admintasia Updates

Also, I would like to start to showcase websites that are using Admintasia for their backend. Would you like to be included in that showcase and receive a link back to your site? If so, I would need a screen shot of your admin panel using Admintasia or a temporary login/pwd to your backend where you are using our theme.

And finally, do make sure you opt in on our site to receive updates and news about the theme. We just fixed our form.

Admintasia Updates

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  1. Kusu Man May 2, 2012

    When will you be releasing the latest version 2.3? I am looking for an admin theme, currently wandering back and forwarded between yours and MWS-Admin on,

    What are the main differences between MWS-Admin and Admintasia?

  2. Jones May 24, 2012

    do you have an ETA for this release?

  3. admin May 25, 2012

    Hello Jones,
    We will be releasing 2.3 today or tomorrow. Just working out the last minute kinks.

  4. admin May 25, 2012

    MWS-admin looks like a great admin theme. It seems we have mostly similar features such as charts, grids, modal, etc. It would just be a matter of design preference and support at that point.


  5. admin May 29, 2012

    Hey Jones! It is here. Please view our Admintasia demo.

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