Admintasia 2.2 is Here

Posted in Admintasia Releases by thomaqui on September 1st, 2011

Finally!   We have updated to JQuery 1.6.2 and have fixed the following issues and added an additional feature.

We fixed the following errors that were reported by an Admintasia user regarding Internet Explorer:

1. Login page – change theme drop down acts funny in all versions of IE (7,8,9)
2. Close sidebar – IE crashes in IE7
3. Edit in place – strange behaviour when change “Edit me” (layout break) in IE7
4. Charts – doesn’t work on IE7 (javascript error on page load: Object doesn’t support this property or method)

A Few More Bugs that We Fixed:
1) Drag and Drop under Layout Options ->  Three Column Layout breaks if a column becomes empty (likely fixed with a non-breaking space)
2) JavaScript DropDown Menu does not work in demo
3) Typo: … Says ‘Opens on Mouseover’.  It should say, ‘Opens on Click’
4) jQuery tabs work fine as per the example, unless the tab<div>  is placed within a<form>. In that case, the tabs still work but the tab links that should appear horizontally in the header appear one above the other.

This is because the “form li” rule in ui.forms.css is taking over and changing the tab<li>s back to display:block.

We tried this solution sent to me by a client: in ui.tabs.css, add “clear: none;” to .ui-tabs .ui-tabs-nav li5

5) There was a bug in Chrome on pagination: if you check the tables.php page, the pagination box floats within the actual table, rather than below it. In Firefox this is fine.

Additional Features Added:
1) Close/Hide Button Option on Responses are quite common in alot of UI themes [one up the rest and include persistence functionality; if they click hide it does not reappear on page load.

All of our existing users will get version 2.2 sent to them.  I will set up a page that you can use to get your download.  Check back tomorrow and it should be available.

All new users will get the latest version when they purchase Admintasia.

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